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   2018/2019 Application for certificate program - Currently : Open - Deadline: 08-Sep-2018

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  • Help and support Contacts: +255 784 542778 || +255 765 956511 || +255 754 893171 || +255 754 990787
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Application Procedures and Requirements for Certificate Programs

1. Direct entry:

a. Form IV with at least four Ds in non-religious subjects.

2. Pay the application fee by using 994100000009 as control number/reference number.
This is how you can pay:

i. Visit any of CRDB Bank, NMB Bank, or NBC Bank to pay. Upon your arrival at the bank, provide the control number to the teller to process your payment.
ii. Payment can also be done through MOBILE MONEY (M-pesa, Tigo-Pesa, and Airtel Money) through the following steps:
> From your phone, dial *150*00#, or *150*01#, or *150*60# (To access M-pesa, Tigo-Pesa, and Airtel Money menu respectively);
> Select “Pay Bills”;
> Select “Government payments”;
> Select “Enter control number” and enter the control number you have recorded in Step 4(b) above;
> Enter the due amount;
> Confirm by entering your password/pin;
> Keep the feedback message you received as payment evidence. You will be required to present the message during the registration period after reporting at the Institute.

Go to Step Two
Education Certification(s) Verifications
NB: All Information to be entered must be valid and From your Education Certificates
* Means Mandatory/Required Fields.
Index No format: Sxxxx/xxxx/xxxx or Pxxxx/xxxx/xxxx . e.g S0200/0004/2010
Secondary Education*
Form IV Index No/Equivalent*
In case of Multiple Sittings Use the Latest Index Number

Other Education Qualifications
Campus you are Applying For*
Specify the Campus You are applying for.
Login Information
Remember your Email Address and Password. They are needed for Login to the system to finish Applying
Email Address*
Email Address Confirm*
Active Phone No*
Password Confirm*
Type the characters you see in the picture in the answer input(box)

Help and support Contacts: +255 784 542778 || +255 765 956511 || +255 754 893171 || +255 754 990787

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